Did you know Austin has been the nation’s largest no-kill city for 7 years now? Let’s make that a true statement for decades to come by continuing to support local no-kill shelters. Get involved to help protect these precious animals, giving them a chance at finding loving homes and living long, healthy lives. Here are three no-kill shelters in Austin we are working on supporting currently (and so can you!):

1. Austin Humane Society is the largest, longest-standing, non-profit, no-kill shelter in Austin, Texas. They have been servicing our community since 1952. They helped 11,000 animals find homes, just last year alone! Learn more about them and how to get involved at http://www.austinhumanesociety.org/about-us/.

2. Austin Pets Alive! is a non-profit that has been working at Austin being a no-kill city since 2008. They actually helped create and lobby the No-Kill Plan that was passed by the Austin City Council in March 2010. They also assisted the city to reach the 90% no-kill benchmark for the first time ever in February 2011. Learn more about this amazing organization and all their efforts here: https://www.austinpetsalive.org/about/faqs/. Also mark your calendars for their big anniversary party on September 22nd, 6-9pm, at Palm Door on 6th. Tickets are available here: https://www.austinpetsalive.org/events/no-kill-anniversary-party/.

3. 365 Pet Connection was founded by Lynn Bishop, who grew this organization from a small group of fosterers to a full-fledged shelter. We have had the pleasure of working with Cici Ely, who has dedicated most of her life to animal welfare and plays a huge role in this organization. She also has a soft spot for German Shepherds and actively fosters them, as you may have noticed that recurring breed for our featured rescues so far. Learn more about this team here: http://www.365petconnection.com/who-we-are.html. Interested in adopting a new, furry member of the family? View their animals in need here: https://www.petfinder.com/search/pets-for-adoption/?shelter_id%5B0%5D=TX1900&sort%5B0%5D=recently_added.

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